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Finding an Air Duct Cleaning Service Provider

Since airduct cleaning can be a relatively new industry, consumers should be cautious about providers who make promises about the benefits of duct cleaning, because no such statements have already been approved by the EPA. The vendors should not recommend duct cleaning being a routine procedure. They ought to make no guarantees about the improvement of your air quality, or should they claim to become authorized from the EPA.

The service provider needs to have experience working with your particular HVAC system. They need to also have a special license, if needed inside your state, and should adhere to NADCA standards. Perhaps most significantly, check their sources and see what other shoppers had to say. A very important thing todo is evaluate at the least three companies. Ask for each to offer you having a written contract, detailing the assistance and the expense.

According to the EPA, you need to expect these from a reliable provider:

The service must open access doors and locations, allowing for the entire program to be inspected and cleaned.
Prior to starting any work, the company should ensure there are no asbestos-containing materials in the heat/cooling system.

Just highefficiency particle air (HEPA) cleaning equipment must be used in the event the vacuum exhausts inside the home. Otherwise, they’ll use vacuuming equipment that exhausts outside the house.
Carpet and furnishing must be protected.

The ductwork must be protected. This includes closing and re-sealing entry holes which have been made by the service.

Dirt and other particles should be dislodged by well-controlled discovering together with contact vacuum cleaning.

The provider should use only soft-bristled brushes must be applied to fiberglass duct board and sheetmetal ducts lined with fiberglass.

Some companies may suggest using chemicals and biocides. Make sure the service is prepared and educated in explaining the results of these chemicals. It is always advised to complete your personal research and recognize the professionals and cons as it pertains to chemicals at home.

The EPA has generated a thorough and practical post cleaning client checklist, which is often found here. Following the cleanup, go through this record often by yourself or using the provider. If you have any issues, the company should care for them free of charge.

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