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Best surplus jig kits and end mills – 80 Percent Lower

There are tons of surplus jig kits and end mills out of there for machining 80 percent lower receivers. For most part all of them are specifically to either, AR15 lowers or AR10 lowers but not both of them. The new Ultimate Jig sets itself apart by accommodating both AR10 and AR15 lower receiver from not for just Juggernaut Tactical but also all lowers available on the market. It also had Press Fit, Drill Bushings, Stainless Steel and alignment tool to keeps your lower into the perfect spot and the depth gauge for drill bits.

AR15 builders have a number of 80 percent lower jigs to choose from them but they are generally broken into two popular categories. The jig that’s most popular are commonly known and offered the most 80 percent lower manufactures was the drill press jig. The second one commonly known, but more superior then the router based jig.

Drill Press Jig
Among the hottest punch press lures requires a builder to use either the handheld drilled marker, or punch press in order to complete the lowers. The jigs information contractors in drilling upwards for 42 distinct pockets, into substance creating the Swiss cheese effect. Few punch press lower starts the positioning process through employing a smaller drillbit for example 1/8 inches touch and after then graduate up to larger touch including 3/8 inches. The process of likely to develop 42 unique drill holes eventually carves out to fire settings wallet, enabling you to then add your lower parts jig set. Like all 80 lower jigs package, this drill press jig enables to 3 horizontal pockets to be drilled into the sides of the lure to accommodate the flame or safety selector switch, along with trigger pin along with the hammer pin.

Also 2 types of drill press jigs available in the market .First one is the Rugged 80 percent lower Jig and the second one is Tough AR15 lowers Jig. Both works certainly flawlessly job done but they vary in their quality, durability and price offers.

Router Jig
The router jig sets differ from the drill press jigs within this it needs 2 forms of machining. The Heavyduty 80 percent lower Jig starts same to the drill press in that’s you still must made Swiss cheese but it requires low less exploration. The hub based process merely requires one to make around 10 drilling holes, less than 25 percent of holes needed with drill press lures. Then next thing is time savings is. After the Swiss cheese had been designed, then it time to the fancy end mills bit and router. Using trough mobile modem, then your contractor makes pass, next pass got to and from each one of the previous drilled holes. Using that modem, the builders create 6-11 various moves to complete to the trigger pocket.

The Supreme 80 percent lower Jig kit was the most expensive. Whatever the strength durability’s and its speed make it the most decent option. Using the router based jig systems, a builder can machines lower in 1/2 of the time and completed into the 20 different lowers.

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