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Protect Musical Equipment With Musical Equipment Insurance

Protect Musical Equipment With Musical Equipment Insurance

Oct 12, 2016

Listed here is a good chance for budding artists and professional performers who would prefer to acquire guitar insurance. Ever heard of Victor C Knight? It is a site for providing expert insurance for musicians, dj’s and recording artists. They’re detailed at all places through the UK. It’s possible to experience great personal company from the staff offering drum insurance.

Both professional and amateur musicians qualify for your negotiated discounted rates the specialists with this site provide. Be it your instruments or equipment both established and american, whether damaged or theft or loss they feature all that you might want. Their musical instrument insurance products promise that one may have peaceofmind all time throughout the day. Their services are expanded to reduced insurance policies for household insurance, motor insurance and public responsibility for public settings and recording studios. The top part is the fact that they also cover record collections and all the DJ equipment.

musical instrument insurance

It all started when Victor Knight faced a lot of difficulties when tried to insure the double bass that he used for road trips. He was quoted very high prices for his household insurance and travel insurance. Being a jazz musician himself looking at the plight of these insurance companies he started to set out his own company. It is all his efforts that he made in the early seventies that had made life easier for the musicians now that they can find great products and services at affordable prices. This is a one-stop site for all your musical instrument insurance needs.

The various insurance policies that they offer are:
Musical instrument and equipment insurance- This site offers classical or modern instruments at best policies and best prices. The best part about this particular insurance is that you receive the total amount that you claimed for and need not pay any extra or excess on the musical instrument cover.

Motor insurance for musicians – This music instrument insurance site offers motor cover at specially negotiated rates to attend to the needs of modern musicians. In this type of insurance, you need to pay a policy excess amount to claim the money.

DJ insurance- This music instrument internet site delivers to insure the record collections, cd collections, laptops as well as other gear at cost-effective prices. Serial number is usually to be supplied for insuring laptops or computers and you have to have to pay a policy excess amount to claim the money.

Dwelling insurance for musicians- This music instrument insurance coverage site also provides household insurance maintaining the numerous demands of musicians in mind.

Public liability for person musician, bands and studios- This music instrument insurance website offers a great chance for public liability insurance if lots of persons pay a visit to your studio frequently.
There is certainly also an solution for supplying a custom insurance policy in such a way that the complete group’s or orchestra’s equipment might be insured with all the aid of a single policy. Within this way, the group can avail ideal discounts. They offer thrilling insurance coverage goods at very affordable prices as they may be well seasoned and happen to be serving inside the field of music insurance coverage considering that 1971. The employees is quite a lot approachable and amiable and is ready to complete everything within your way in line with your needs.

This musical instrument insurance provider is open during the weekdays Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. They have a great customer service center that caters to all your needs. So, drop an email or contact them for all your music insurance needs.

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