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The secret to happiness? Scientists reveal the four Golden steps

The secret to happiness? Scientists reveal the four Golden steps

Sep 20, 2016

Happiness is a right that all get but not everyone uses it to its maximum potential as many people are busy leading their busy lives in this fast paced world. The strain, the pollution along with the constant noise has created us irritated and it has shot down our confidence due despair that occurs when happiness isn’t enough. Therefore to relieve you out of your pressure and raise the amount of happiness in your life Mercury blog has shown you with a golden ticket to happiness in only four simple steps which you have to do on your own.

1. Gain clarity in your beliefs

Many believe that getting clarity on your own goals in life will do but they neglect to realize that our goals don’t define us our beliefs do. Our values play an essential part in our happiness; our values are usually in par with our simply speaking the reason you are disappointed is because of your miserable values like feeling that you are unworthy of success, unworthy of others love, will not manage to be successful in life etc.
So do the straightforward process of writing down all the miserable values which you have had in per week and in opposite to that create all the values which you would like to have in the future weeks with all the necessary steps to accomplish them. These actions will be your action plan to create your disappointed beliefs into happy ones in no time.

2. Gain clarity on your Objectives

Once you fail to achieve an objective you might experience despair but it is essential to get quality on your own goals. After your beliefs are sorted you’ll realize that your aims are bit fuzzy making you future filled with anxiety. So get quality in your goals (a number of them at any given time) and note down the required move to be studied to reach your goal and follow them. Developing clarity on your own goals makes it possible to achieve stability that you experienced which is very important for happiness.

3. Remove what’s not helping you

After getting clarity on your own objectives and beliefs the next step would be to eliminate all the things that no longer working for you. The things to be removed are of negative factors which can be disturbances (TV, social networking sites etc.), evaluation with others leading to sad beliefs and low-self-esteem, unnecessary responsibilities that push you in the backburner because you are more concentrated on others and finally time-management letting you use your own time most successfully. Several don’t take the removal of bad facts as a concern but such bad facts turn into a drawback in gaining understanding of the goals and beliefs thus not allowing happiness.

4. Happy surroundings

After performing such effort it is very important to take care of the happiness you’ve accomplished till now which isn’t possible when you’re surrounded by damaging people bringing you down. Therefore ensure it is a point to become surrounded by happiness and folks who add to the happiness with their values, thoughts etc. And happy surroundings are enhanced by animals like dogs, cats etc. that can increase your happiness with their happy heart.

Thus follow these simple rules and accomplish the which you have a directly to and deserve.

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