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How to install a WordPress blog on Bluehost

How to install a WordPress blog on Bluehost

Sep 19, 2016

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms to develop websites these days. It is a content management system which is used by wide range of developers all over the world. Developing a website with wordpress is not only easy, it is very interesting and fun too. Using wordpress we can develop all kinds of websites like static, dynamic, ecommerce, etc. We can also create blogs through it. Blogging being the most used social media icon to spread a lot of information is working out well with the help of wordpress. There are many platforms to choose, but wordpress is the easiest one. This is the most preferred platform by many developers due to its ease and friendliness.

It is developed such that even a fresher to this platform also can easily understand what’s going on in its background. As you are in a thought to install wordpress you have to choose the best web hosting sites among hundreds. Almost all the web hosting companies allow installation of wordpress in just few clicks. But wordpress and Bluehost will are the best and most chosen options. Bluehost is the best and top rated web hosting company to offer the best services to their clients across the globe. You may ask why you have to choose bluehost, and how to install wordpress on bluehost, as there are many others that offer web hosting services at cheaper rates than bluehost.

how to install wordpress on bluehost

Here is the answer- Bluehost has the most user friendly developed control panel features. No matter what, it is best to trust due to its reliability and services. They offer their services 24*7 all the year along. It has provided custom built servers to provide stability over the communication and reliability to our data. There is no risk of third party interference to our data. It is very much secured in their hands. One can blindly trust this company and this became the cause that most people speak wordpress and bluehost are thus interrelated.

Let us learn how to install wordpress on bluehost

Installing wordpress on bluehost is very easy.
With in very few steps you can install wordpress on bluehost.
First you have to log on to your c panel account with your personal account credentials you have. In that choose the website section and click on the install button. In the next step, choose the domain name that you want to give for your site. You can also check the availability of the domain name here. Once done with this, fill the email id, username and password. Cross check the details before submitting. Also go through the terms and conditions of the website and finally click on install now. Make sure you accept the terms and conditions as your process to install wordpress on bluehost may not start if it is not enabled. With this installing wordpress on bluehost is completed. If you don’t have an account with the bluehost you can easily create it by just logging on to

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